In light of the sustained cross-border migration and as an ambitious, economically booming regional power in a key part of the world at the continental juncture of the orient and occident, Turkey is of increasing significance to Germany, Europe and therest of the world. This is why in 2009 the Orient-Institut Istanbul– which had since 1987 merely been an extension of the Orient-Institut Beirut – became an independent institute of the MaxWeber Foundation. It operates in a dynamic, Turkish and internationallyprestigious academic environment and ensures thatacademic institutions and experts in Istanbul and the surroundingregion connect and cooperate with each other. The diversityof disciplines and conceptual interests in specialist fields enable a variety of links in the region and constitute the high calibre ofthe research institute.

Oriental Institute Istanbul

Susam Sokak 16, D. 8
34433 Cihangir – Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 293 6067
Fax +90 212 249 6359


The Oriental Institute in Istanbul was set up in 1987 by the German Oriental Society (DMG) as a sub-section of the OI Beirut. After a positive evaluation by the Academic Council is was incorporated into the institutional support structure of the Max Weber Foundation on 1 January 2009. The institute places particular focus on cooperation with academics in the region and a critical exchange.

In addition to the traditional historical and philological perspectives increasing attention is given to approaches from neighbouring studies such as social anthropology, political sciences, sociology and linguistics.

Founded: 2009

Positions: 16 (average number according to recorded information, including project staff)

Areas of Research: 
History and Cultures of the Ottoman Empire and its successor states; Turkey’s History, Cultures and Present; History of Music and Musical Anthropolgy; Ottoman and Turkish Literature; Turkic Linguistics; History and Cultures of the Iranian Cultural Area, Caucasia and Central Asia; Social Sciences

Library: approx. 43,000 media items and about 140 subscribed periodicals.

Support for scholars from Germany in obtaining facsimiles of manuscripts from libraries and archives

Promotion of Young Academics:
Scholarships for PhD students as well as post-docs; internships, regular PhD colloquiums

- Istanbul Texts und Studies (ITS)
- Pera-Papers
- Orient Institutes Studies (OIS)
- Memoria. Fontes minores ad Historiam Imperii Ottomanici pertinentes
- Newsletter

Regular thematic lecture series, workshops, colloquiums, conferences, Wednesday Lectures, Thyssen lectures on WWI (2013 – 2018)

Academic Advisory Council