Being the oldest of all German Historical Institutes abroad, the German Historical Institute in Rome has a long academic tradition. The institute was founded as “Preußische Historische Station” seven years after the opening of the Vatican archives in 1888 and a musical history department was established in 1960. One of the main objectives of the institute is the exchange of information and cooperation with German, Italian and international research organisations, with a special focus on supporting and promoting aspiring young researchers. Two libraries belonging to the institute are also open to visitors, giving access to additional research tools and resources which are available in Italy and in Rome in particular, as an academic location.

German Historical Institute in Rome

Via Aurelia Antica, 391
00165 Rome
Tel. +39 066 604 921
Fax +39 066 623 838


The Roman Institute sees itself as a research and service facility. It supports German researchers and institutions in relevant research and maintains relations with the Italian specialist sciences

Founded: 1888 as "Prussian Historical Station"

Positions: 43 (average number according to recorded information, including project staff)

Areas of Research:
Cross-era, interdisciplinary research on Italian and German History and Musical History, in both european and global contexts, from the Middle Ages to the present day

Historical library: approx. 181,541 items, 671 subscribed periodicals, Music library: approx. 62,158 items, 183 subscribed periodicals

Since 2012, various databases on the History of the Middle Ages and Modern and Current History can be accessed at: The archives at the institute hold materials on the institute’s history and from range and estates of academics:

Promotion of Young Academics:
Academic staff positions, guest academics, doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships for young academics in the field of History and Musical History which run over several months, study course Rome for advanced students and history graduates, internships in the academic field (History and Musical History department), in the libraries and administrative departments

- Analecta musicologica
- Bibliographical information on the latest Italian History (three times a year)
- Bibliothek des Deutschen Historischen Instituts in Rom
- Concentus musicus
- Instructiones Pontificum Romanorum
- "Nuntiaturberichte" from Germany and supplementary files
- online publications of the Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rome
- Sources and Researches from Italian Archives and Libraries (Yearbook)
- Repertorium Germanicum
- Repertorium Poenitentiariae Germanicum
- Ricerche dell‘Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma

- Benito Mussolini’s Appointment Calendar 1923 – 1943
- Bibliographical Information on Most Recent Italian History
- Corpus of Inscriptions at Santa Maria dell’Anima
- DFG-ANR-Project "Musici"
- Dumilio Susmel - Collection of Newspapers on Fascism in Italy
- German-speaking Pilgrims Visiting Rome during Goethe’s Era
- Online-Edition Cesare Orsenigo 1930 – 1939
- Online-Edition Eugenio Pacelli 1917–1929
- "Partitura" - Opera Scores from the Possession of Roman Princely Families
- RG Online (Repertorium Germanicum, Repertorium Poenitentiariae Germanicum)
- Retro Conversion and Digitalization of the Libretti Collection
- The Presence of German Military Units in Italy, 1943 - 1945

Academic conferences, workshops, lectures, doctoral seminars, Winter and Summer Schools, “Musicologia oggi” lecture series, autumn guided tours of Rome focusing on history and music history, study course Rome, Circolo Medievistico Romano, exhibitions, cinema lessons

Statement of the board of trustees about the DHI Rome (German)
Parere del Consiglio di fondazione sul DHI Roma (Italian)

Academic Advisory Council