The German Historical Institute Moscow was founded by the Max Weber Foundation in 2005. Until 2009 funding was provided by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach-Stiftung and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius. After access was granted to the long-restricted Russian archives following the fall of the iron curtain, the institute became a contact point and advice centre for German historians, and at the same time a bridge between historians in both countries. On 15 September 2015, it celebrated its tenth birthday in the State Historical Museum in Moscow, in the company of high-ranking guests from the world of politics and academia.

German Historical Institute Moscow

Voroncovskaja ulica 8/7
109044 Moskau 

Tel. +7 495 730 52 49


The focus of activity of the Moscow Institute are the study of the Common History of Germany and Russia as well as the intensifying of cooperation between Russian and German academics, the coordination and carrying out of common research and editing projects. The institute was founded at the proposal of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation and the Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius ZEIT Foundation, and until 2008 solely financed by the private sector. Following a positive recommendation by the Academic Council it was incorporated into the institutional sponsorship of the Max Weber Foundation on 1 January 2009. With its reference library, services and numerous events the institute forms a fulcrum for Russian research on Germany and German research on Russia.

Founded: 2005 

Positions: 17 (average number according to recorded information, including project staff)

Areas of Research:
Russian/Soviet and German History, as well as German-Russian Relations in the International Context from the Middle Ages to the Present Day. As the access to Russian archives was limited for decades, the indexing of files and publication of sources (print and online) is of great importance.

Library: Approx. 36,000 media items, over 90 periodicals and more than 100 databases from Western Europe, Russia and the USA.

The institute’s active cooperation with the Russian archives includes the processing of numerous individual questions and the support of German historians who wish to work with the large collection of items originating from Germany in the former "special archive", now in Russia’s National Military Archive.

Promotion of Young Academics:
Scholarship for Ph.D. and Habilitation projects on German History, Scholarships for young academics as well as research projects, short-term scholarships for work in the Russian archives, one-year research scholarships for doctoral or postdoctoral qualification purposes, internships, prizes for outstanding dissertations and candidate dissertations on German history or German-Russian relations, contributions to printing costs

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- archivalia rossica
- Ubi universitatas, ibi Europa
- publications of the German Historical Institute Moscow
- translation series

- Lectures on the 18th and 19th century
- Soviet History Discussion Papers

Colloquiums, conferences in Moscow and other regions of Russia, round tables, book presentations, lecture series with prominent speakers, seminar series for historians 

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